First of all I’d like you to ask to yourselves: What is Digital Humanities? This is a concept which has become more and more common and not many people know about its meaning. If you search on internet you’ll find many definitions and some of them are not correct or don’t define the concept with precision, that’s why I’m writing below one of the definitions I’ve found, which is actually very simple but defines DH well.

“I would define the Digital Humanities as the use of digital tools in any areas of interest that are Humanities related.”

As simple as this!


Whenever you think about Digital Humanities you think about projects so today I’m showing and explaining three projects I’ve found which are DH ones.

The first one is a blog ruled by a group of archeologists which are so passionate about their jobs that want to show everyone how is a daily life of an archeologist. Every week they post new posts about  the truth of the archeology world.

The second one consists on a portal made just for helping students with their researches about slavery and related topics.

I’m not explaining the third one, I’m copying here what it’s said in the “Home” of the page for you to understand better what is it about:

“Under the direction of University College London (UCL), this international,  multidisciplinary project assesses the feasibility of using non-destructive digital  imaging technology to make texts visible in images of papyrus in mummy case      cartonnages for open research and analysis.”

Here you have the links: